Navigating the Guardian App

This article applies to rangers and users involved in responding to incidents.

There are two entry points that you will experience on the Guardian App:

  • You have received an incident notification and pressing on the notification opens the App on the incident page
  • You have manually opened the app to check for incidents or make a response

The "New Events" screen

Key points

  • The type of Guardian device (2) determines how frequent events are delivered. Satellite devices transmit events less frequently (typically within 1-5 hours). Cell devices transmit events within minutes of the detected threat.
  • The "Recent" status tag (3) indicates an event within the last 6 hours. The "Hot" status tag indicates there have been at least 10 events.
  • The incident number (4) is unique to the project. Use it in communication with others, e.g. "I'm going to investigate incident 155 at Union Mall".
  • The time range of events (5) 🔔 shows when the first event was detected through to the latest event. On the right, you can see the type and number of events (6) between the two dates/times. 
  • If you or another user has submitted a response (7) then it is shown below the event

Incident detail screen

From the "New Events" screen, press on a Site and you will see the list of events.

Where to go from here?

  • Listen to an event (Cellular Guardian only) by pressing on an event. For Satellite Guardian, you will not be able to listen to an event.

Map screen

You can also check threat events from the Map screen.

The map shows the number of events at each site. Nearby sites will group together events when zoomed out. For example, you see number 21 on map view that means there are 21 events in that area. When you zoom in the number 21 will turn to 4 sites (site A, site B, site C and site D) and in each site will show number of events.