Getting Started with the Guardian App


The Guardian App is designed for rangers, police, field agents and others involved in the protection of conservation areas covered by the Guardian devices. It delivers notifications to your phone when logging, poaching and other threats are detected by the Guardian devices.

The Guardian App enables users to submit responses to detected events, consisting of a report of the logging/poaching activity, action taken by the responder and additional photographic, textual or voice-recorded evidence. The submitted responses provide feedback to partners and evidence of illegal activity to law enforcement. Therefore submitting detailed responses in the Guardian App is critical to reducing threats.

For projects where Cell Guardians are deployed, the Guardian mobile app enables users to receive notifications in near real-time. For Satellite Guardians, notifications are typically delivered within 3 hours of the logging, poaching or other detected event.

Step 1. Creating a user account

Before using the Guardian App, you need an invitation to one or more projects.

  1. Give your email address to your project lead or administrator and ask them to invite you to the project
  2. Check your email for invitation from RFCx
  3. Click the link in the email and continue to create your account with a password (you will need your email and password in Step 3)

If you already have an RFCx account then you can skip 2-3 above. 

Check out more about creating a user account.

Step 2. Installing the Guardian App

The Guardian App is available to download on Google Play for Android devices only. 

  1. Open Google Play on your Android device
  2. Search for "Rainforest Connection Guardian"

  3. Press "Install"

If you do not have Google Play then you will have to download the APK and update it manually (not recommended).

Step 3. Logging in

You will need an RFCx account (email and password) to login to the Guardian app and you will also need access to one or more projects (see Step 1).

  1. Open the Guardian App

  2. Enter your email and password for your RFCx account
  3. Press “Sign in”
  4. Select one or more projects for receiving notifications on your phone 

    Note: You will only receive incident notifications in selected projects.

  5. Press "Continue"
  6. You will be taken to the home screen "New Events" showing the latest activity from Guardian devices