Responding to Incidents on the Guardian App

This article applies to rangers and users involved in responding to incidents.

You have received the notification for a new event and you are responsible for investigating it. Next, you will create a report which will describe details of the investigation. 

Step 1. Create a report

From the "New Events" screen, select a site/incident to open the incident detail page and then press the "Create report" button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Set investigation date and time

Select date and time of investigation. You must select date and time that is current or earlier but you cannot select date and time in the future.

Note: This is the time that will be showing on the report when the report is submitted.

Step 3. Describe the investigation

There are 3 different types of investigation to be selected. You must select at least one investigation and follow the steps to the last step (all question needs to be answered).

Step 4. Add evidence

If you have more evidence to keep in record, you can add at this step or you can submit the report without any evidence. There are 3 types of evidence:

          - Photos: up to 5 photos (JPEG, PNG)

          - Text: describe more about investigation

          - Voice: record voice notes by press and hold the button

Step 5. Save or submit

You can decide to save draft or submit the report. If you select Save Draft, your report will show in   Draft Reports. If you select Submit, your report will show in Submitted Reports.


  • You can response to the same incident more than 1 time as long as the investigation time is in 7 days range since the first event.
  • Also, if a new response is created after the previous response longer than 1 hour, the new response will be created in a new incident.

Once your report has been submitted, it will start uploading to the Guardian platform. Other users will be able to view all submitted reports on the Guardian Dashboard.