Preparing for a Guardian project

This article applies to partners or administrators of new Guardian deployments.

Project organization

The Rainforest Connection Guardian is a real-time acoustic monitoring device. A Guardian is able to listen to audio and identify threats from that audio data. The Guardian is installed in the canopy of the forests by canopy access professionals. The specific location of an installed Guardian is determined by planning with Rainforest Connection and the project partner. Each Guardian location will have unique name and GPS coordinates. A project is comprised of a group of Guardians, a project can vary in the number of Guardians from 5 to 100.

By organizing sites into projects, a group of Guardians can be managed by a unique set of users. A common use case is that there is a project for each team that is responsible for responding to alerts.

As an administrator, you assign access to other users by project. For example, if you have 5 Guardians (A, B, C, D, E) and 2 users, where Ranger Jane will respond to alerts from Guardians A, B & C, and Ranger Bob will respond to alerts from Guardians D & E, then you would want to create separate Projects for Jane and Bob.

Therefore, before installing any Guardians in the field, you will need:

  • One or more projects
  • A user account for the field agent who will install the Guardians (go to to create a new user)
  • The field agent added to the project(s)
  • The field agent to download the Companion app, login and check they can see the projects
  • Optionally, a site defined in the project for each Guardian (at to prepare the field agent on where to install the device

Next Steps