What is Pattern Matching (PM) in Arbimon?

Getting Started

The RFCx Arbimon Pattern Matching algorithm and visualization tool is extremely useful for species-specific identification. 

It is a semi-automatic sound classification algorithm that uses an example (template) and a threshold established by the user. Results above this threshold are automatically identified by the algorithm as possible detections (matches). Each match found by the algorithm has a score value, which is always below the threshold chosen by the user. The higher the score, the greater the match's chance to correspond to a true positive detection. To avoid false positives, it is necessary to manually validate the result, ensuring that the final dataset contains only true positives. On the Arbimon platform, it is possible to select different filters to facilitate the validation process. 

Check out our Pattern Matching articles for tutorials on how to use this revolutionary feature. Additionally, we strongly suggest checking out our WildLabs Tech Tutors talk for an in-depth tutorial on Pattern Matching.

Figure: Example of pattern matching on RFCx Arbimon platform.