Upload Recordings Using Browser


This article covers how to upload audio into Arbimon using your browser instead of via the Uploader app. Rainforest Connection strongly recommends using the Uploader app for this task, available for Windows and Mac. However, if you experience issues with the Uploader, you can use your browser as an alternative. Please note that the browser upload has a limitation that no more than 100 files can be uploaded at one time.


1. On the left menu, press Uploads and then set the required fields Site name, Filename Format and Filename Timezone.

Note: Filename Timezone is critical to correctly identify the timestamp of a recording. If your filenames have a timestamp in a local timezone then first make sure your site has the correct coordinates/timezone before uploading any files.

Note: If you have not added a site yet, no sites will appear in the Site name. Please see how to Create a Site

2 . Click +Add Files button to import the recordings (or drag & drop the files). You can only upload 100 files at a time through the browser.

3. Press  Start upload button to queue the files for uploading. 


  • Recordings greater than 1-min in duration will be automatically divided into 1-minute files by default.
  • 200 Mb is the largest file size that can be uploaded.
Tip 1:

Always check the recordings folder source to avoid a mismatch of a recording set and its site. Misplaced recordings can be removed by using filters, which will be discussed in another section.

Tip 2:

If your computer goes to sleep, do not reload the web page. Click Stop all and then press Start.

When the files are done uploading, you will see the status in success.

You can stop uploading process by selecting Stop all button and go back to upload again with Start upload button. If you want to remove files from the screen, you can select Clear button or Remove button.