Upload Recordings Using Browser


Video Tutorial: Uploading Audio Using Browser

This article covers how to upload audio into Arbimon using your browser instead of via the Uploader app. Rainforest Connection strongly recommends using the Uploader app for this task, and here you can download the Uploader for Windows or Mac. However, if you experience issues with the Uploader, you can use your internet browser as an alternative. Follow the steps below to do so.  

Get Started

1. On the left menu, press Uploads and then click on + Choose site to add the batch info.

2. If you have not added a site yet, no sites will appear in the first field below. If you need to add a new site, reference how to Create a Site

After completing all of the following fields, click Save & Close

3. Click Add Files to import the recordings (or drag & drop them). 

4. Click Start to upload files. 

Note: recordings greater than 1-min in duration will be automatically divided into 1-minute files by default.

Tip: Always check the recordings folder source to avoid a mismatch of a recording set and its site. Misplaced recordings can be removed by using filters, which will be discussed in another section. 

Tip: If you would like to upload multiple files simultaneously, you can open different tabs in the browser and upload a recording set for different sites at the same time. Alternatively, you can download the RFCx Uploader App, linked in the top right hand corner of this page. 

Tip: If your computer goes to sleep, do not reload the web page. Click Stop all and then hit Start.

Tip: 200 Mb is the largest file size that can be uploaded.