Upload Recordings


Video Tutorial

This article covers how to upload audio into Arbimon using your browser. If you'd prefer to use a separate desktop app to run your uploads as a background process, you can download the Arbimon Uploader for Windows or Arbimon Uploader for Mac

Get Started

1. On the left menu, press Uploads and then click on + Choose site to add the batch info.

2. If you have not added a site yet, no sites will appear in the first field below. If you need to add a new site, reference how to Create a Site

After completing all of the following fields, click Save & Close

3. Click Add Files to import the recordings (or drag & drop them). Currently, only .wav and .flac files are supported.

4. Click Start to upload files. 

Note: recordings greater than 1-min in duration will be automatically divided into 1-minute files by default.

Tip: Always check the recordings folder source to avoid a mismatch of a recording set and its site. Misplaced recordings can be removed by using filters, which will be discussed in another section. 

Tip: If you would like to upload multiple files simultaneously, you can open different tabs in the browser and upload a recording set for different sites at the same time. Alternatively, you can download the RFCx Ingest App, linked in the top right hand corner of this page. 

Tip: If your computer goes to sleep, do not reload the web page. Click Stop all and then hit Start.

Tip: 200 Mb is the largest file size that can be uploaded.