Introduction to AudioMoth Kit

Introduction to AudioMoth kit and associated components.

Your AudioMoth Kit comes with the following items:

  1. AudioMoth device
  2. Battery pack
  3. Micro SD card
  4. Battery charging cable
  5. Silica gel packet 
  6. Waterproof pouch

Check out our short how-to tutorials for the following:

1. How to charge the Battery

2. How to insert the SD card

3. How to connect the AudioMoth with the Battery

4. What to include in the waterproof pouch

In order to configure your AudioMoth device and offload your recordings, you will need a few more items which are not included with the kit. These include: 

  • Android phone
  • USB micro-B cable/adapter (to connect the AudioMoth device to your computer)
  • MicroSD to USB adapter (to transfer audio files from the SD card to your computer)

Once you have reviewed these items, please proceed to the next article to ensure that your device's firmware it up-to-date.