Using Chargeable Batteries


In this article we will cover the steps of how to use chargeable batteries that can be used with the AudioMoth device during your field deployment. This is completely optional and is recommended if you need to leave your device in the field to record for a longer period of time or to record more frequently. 

1. Connect the batteries to the USB mini charger. You will hear a quiet click once the battery is fully connected.

2. Insert the USB mini charger to the charging block.

3. Insert the power cord into the charging block and plug it into the wall.

4. A red light means that the batteries are charging.

5. A green light means that the batteries are fully charged.

6. Red and green lights mean that the USB mini charger is not well connected to the charger.

7. Each mini-USB charger is totally independent, so for each block of 10 charging ports, you can use one port of 10 ports or any number in between.