Recommended Field Checklist

Rainforest Connection's recommended checklist for ecoacoustic projects. Some may differ depending on your particular project goals.

1. Ensure MicroSD cards are properly inserted into the devices. You will feel a 'click' when they are firmly in place.

2. Ensure battery packs are fully inserted into the AudioMoth.

3. Before deploying, it is recommended that batteries status is above > 3.9 voltage. You can check the status of batteries in the AudioMoth Configuration app.

4. Configured AudioMoth recorders plus extras for unforeseen circumstances.

6. Plastic bags/case, 2 clothes pins, and 1 silica gel pack for each AudioMoth recorder (found in your AudioMoth kit)

7. Small slotted screwdriver (for use if the switch stick breaks)

8. Bubble wrap for transporting the recorders

9. Briefcase or a waterproof backpack                

10. Field notebook

11. Trail flag

12. Tape

13. Sharpie

14. GPS