Companion Updates - 4/29/21

We’ve added a few more features to the companion app based on our experience now deploying AudioMoth devices in over 700 sites in Puerto Rico. In the coming weeks we will start deploying devices at another 60-80 sites across multiple new projects studying biodiversity in more new locations. Stay tuned for updates on endangered species we're finding in each of these locations. Check out the Companion app today in the Google play store

New Features

  • Track your location while deploying an AudioMoth device, so you can quickly retrieve your device later. 
  • Search button added on top right-hand corner to search through all the sites in your project - allows you to quickly see if/when a site has already been deployed. 
  • Able to support hundreds of site deployments in each project. You’ll be notified if your site list is being downloaded. 
  • The ability to switch between multiple projects anytime - this includes any project you’ve created in Arbimon or those you’ve been added as a Contributor to. 

Our Favorite Update for April

The companion app now supports location tracking! Simply click on the tracking button on the upper left-hand corner of the screen to start tracking your location as you walk to deploy your AudioMoth device, so you can retrieve it quickly later.  Don’t forget to click on it before you start walking out to the field location and click on it again once you've returned to home base.