Bulk Site Import


The Bulk Site Import feature is used to import a number of sites with their latitude/longitude coordinates and elevation, without having to create those sites manually. These sites will then show up when you deploy AudioMoth devices using the Companion app. You'll also see the sites show up in the Uploader so you can upload your audio directly to them. 


  1. Click on the Data tab. 
  2. On the left menu, click on Sites.
  3. Click on the Import button to import your sites.

4. Click on Select file to import your sites. Make sure that your sheet is in CSV format and make sure to use abbreviation for latitude (lat), longitude (lon) and altitude (alt) in your header. Otherwise, the file will not be imported. You can choose your own name and coordinates for your sites.

5. Your .csv document to be imported should look like this in terms of format and wording. You can include as many sites as needed. You can always edit your sites' details in Arbimon after importing them. 

6. After selecting your file, click on Open

7. Finally, wait a few seconds and you will find your imported sites in the site list.