Companion Updates - 3/29/21

In March 2021 our field team embarked on a huge project in Puerto Rico to gather frog and bird data from 900 sites across the island! To support this large-scale deployment, we revamped the Companion app to simplify the AudioMoth deployment process. We are excited to share these important updates with you below. Check out the new Companion app today in the Google play store!

New Features

  • Intuitive step-by-step directions on how to deploy your AudioMoth at each field site. 
  • Upload photos while in the field, to help you remember where you left the device! Once you are back online, photos automatically sync up with Arbimon and are visible in your site list.
  • Preloaded sites from Arbimon show up in the companion - site list is sorted based on proximity to your location. Easily see which sites are closest to your current location
  • All of your deployments show up as green pins on the map.
  • A new site in the companion app can be linked to a specific Arbimon project.
  • Multiple sites are clustered together on the map

Our Favorite Update for March

We've added the ability to import a .csv file of all of your deployment sites into Arbimon so that once you're in the field, the Companion app will automatically detect which sites are closest to you, so you can easily and quickly deploy each device. To read more about our bulk site import feature, check out the new support article here