Arbimon Updates - 2/19/21

We are excited to share some important updates we've made to Arbimon recently!

New Features

  • Use Google Chrome now for all of your Arbimon analysis needs. Scroll down to learn more. 
  • Your best Pattern Matching results will now be sorted by score, meaning the best ones show up at the top. 
  • All tables now show most recent data at the top by default. 
  • We've updated the cursor to help you know what actions are available to you. 
  • We've also added the ability to search soundscapes in the Visualizer tab.
  • We've added a new global navigation bar so you can easily switch to our other apps or public website and learn more about RFCx!


  • Fixes to running Pattern Matching and Random Forest Model analyses using audio from the RFCx Uploader. 
  • The date/time you are filtering for when creating a playlist is now respected.
  • You can now delete playlists again.
  • The colors of soundscape thumbnails now match the color specified after changing the setting.
  • The page footer issue has been fixed.
  • Small, intermittent issue with saving playlists has been resolved. 
  • Users will no longer errors while uploading about reaching a storage limit (since we have removed all storage limits in Arbimon!)
  • Pattern Matching jobs are now visible in the active jobs key.
  • Pattern Matching validations and Visualizer issues have been fixed in the Citizen Scientist module.

Our Favorite Update for February 

Crisp, Clear Visuals Now in Chrome!

You may have heard previously that Arbimon worked best using Firefox - which was true. Given how many people prefer Chrome as their default browser, we were committed to ensuring a top-notch experience using Arbimon with it. 

We are happy to report that we've made some fantastic modifications so that all visualizations (spectrograms, thumbnails, pattern matching results etc) will be crystal-clear using Google Chrome. Reach out to our support team and let us know what your experience has been like now, using Chrome!