Add Template from the Pattern Matching Library


Video Tutorial

The pattern matching library offers a variety of templates that can be added and used in your own project, so you will be able to run a pattern matching job even if you don’t have any templates created. 

Tip: Pattern Matching runs optimally on both Firefox and Chrome.

Get Started

1. Click on Templates. If you haven't created any of your own templates, you can click on Public Templates.

2. Once you’ve clicked on Public Templates, you can find a wide variety of templates. You can add as many templates to your project by clicking on the + button.

3. You can now see all the templates that have been added/linked to your project in the Project Templates tab - see screenshot below. From this view, you can open the template in the visualizer by clicking on the Visualizer icon or play audio by clicking on the Play icon or delete the template by clicking on the Delete icon.