Create a Site


A Site is used to organize your projects by specific locations. This is especially helpful if you are using several AudioMoth or Guardian devices within a single project.


1. From the main menu, click Data.

2. On the left menu, press Sites.

3. Click Create to add a project site.

4. Assign a name (keep it short), add the location (decimal degrees) and altitude, and select  Save. A project may have one or more Sites (i.e. sample sites, experimental units, etc.).

5. Repeat this step for each project site you want to create. 


For a better view/search, enter the project sites in an alphabetic numeric order (i.e. Site01, Site02, etc.).

6. Drag the red map pointer icon as needed and the new GPS coordinates will be reflected in the Lat/Long fields.

7. Switch between map or satellite images by clicking on Map or Satellite.  

8. To edit a site's information or delete a site, click anywhere on the row of the site that you would like to modify. Click the Edit or Delete button.

Note: You may see an ARBIMON ONLY badge appear for some older sites (created prior to April/May 2021). This badge means that this site will not be visible using the Companion app or the Uploader. If this badge is not visible then the site can be seen across the platform.