Offloading Audio Files


Once your AudioMoth has been retrieved from deployment, it will have all of the audio files saved on the SD card. This article will go over how to get the audio files off of your device and get them uploaded to Arbimon. 

Get Started:

The SD card for your AudioMoth is located under one of the corners:

Take the SD card out of the AudioMoth by pressing it in - it will pop out when you release it. Then insert the SD card into your computer. It can be found in you finder (on Mac) or Folders (on Windows). Now open up the RFCx Uploader app. Once you have logged in, press on new site and import files.

When you choose import files, the following screen will appear. Select choose other folder if no SD card is detected.

Then navigate to the SD card and then select the desired audio files:

Then you are all set with offloading audio from your AudioMoth! To get more help with the RFCx Uploader app check out these articles. After you are certain the audio files have been uploaded, delete the files off of the SD card, place the SD card back into the AudioMoth, and the device is ready to be deployed again.