Updating AudioMoth Firmware


AudioMoths have to be on the most recent firmware update in order to be used with the companion app. Your Audiomoth is likely on an outdated version of firmware if it will not sync with the Companion app. This article walks through how to download the most recent firmware.

Video Tutorial

Getting Started:

In order to update your AudioMoth, you need to have the AudioMoth Flash App installed on your computer. The Flash App is the second one listed on the AudioMoth website and is shown below:

Once downloaded, the app will have the following icon:

Open the app and plug the AudioMoth into your computer. Make sure the AudioMoth is switched to the USB/OFF position. The green LED on the AudioMoth should be on and solid, as opposed to blinking when in other modes. The app will look like this when it is opened:

Select the most recent firmware version on the right side panel and press download. Once your computer has downloaded the most recent version, you are ready to press Flash AudioMoth. The LED on the AudioMoth will turn off while it is being updated, and then will turn back on when the update is complete. Once the update is completed, the app will show the new firmware version as pictured below:

You are now ready to configure your AudioMoth