Create a New Pattern Matching Template


Video Tutorial

This article will allow you to create a Template which will be used when you create a new pattern matching job. 

Tip: Pattern Matching runs optimally on both Firefox and Chrome.

Get Started

1) In the main menu, click Visualizer.

2) Search for the call/song of the focal species. Search for a call/song that has a strong signal (low signal to noise ratio) and does not overlap with sounds from other species. Alternatively, you can upload recordings from other sources (e.g., xeno-canto) to create a template. 

3) In the Visualizer menu, select Templates. Draw a box around the call/song. Assign a name to the template and select the species/call type. The species/call type should have previously been added to the project. If it wasn't, you will need to Add a Species first, refresh this page, and then resume this process. 

If you'd prefer to watch a video on how to create a template and run a Pattern Matching job, Check out our WildLabs Tech Tutors talk here