Navigation Bar Overview

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Navigation Bar

  1. Arbimon - displays public projects and a project feed. 
  2. Summary - dashboard that displays project summary and progress. 
  3. Data - add and manage sites, species and soundscape composition lists; upload, view and filter your recordings (creating playlists), compare between training sets and combine playlists.
  4. Visualizer - browse through the recordings, spectrograms or soundscapes and listen to them; validate the target species presence/absence and create training sets for the species-specific identification models. In addition, identify the main source of the sounds that compose a soundscape.
  5. Analysis - run species-specific identification models, apply these models to your data (classifications), create soundscapes and audio event detections.
  6. Jobs - check the progress of your analyses. 
  7. Settings - delete the project, edit project name and description, as well as add other users to the project.
  8. Insights - link to redirect to Arbimon Insights reports