Formatting Guardian SD card ready for swap

Formatting Guardian SD card ready for swap


Sometimes it is important to swap out SD cards from Guardians when we need to review the efficacy of the models by analyzing the data on those SD cards.

You cannot simply place a new SD card in the Guardian and remove the old one. You must format the new SD in a specific way before swapping them around.

This guide will show you how to format your SD ready for a Guardian.

Micro SD card needed for the Guardian

Figure 1. The Micro SD you need for the Guardian

The type of SD card that the Guardian requires is the SanDick Ultra 128 gigabyte (SDSQUAR-128G-GN6M) A1 XC1.

Formatting your SD card

Firstly, you will need to download the free application called ‘FAT32 Format’ . You can do this by googling it yourself or going to this link.

The Fast32format.exe can also be downloaded from our google drive

Then insert your (micro) SD card into your computer using an adaptor

Then open FAT32 Format 

Make sure the drive you have selected corresponds to where you inserted your SD card. Prior to formatting you will see the size of your SD card in gb and exFAT (circled).

Keep the allocation size as default, do not change it.

Keep the quick format selected. Then start the formatting.

You should be aware that formatting an SD card will delete all data on the SD card, so please remove/back up any sensitive information prior to formatting.

Once the SD card is formatted the exFATwill have changed to FAT32. This indicates the SD card is correctly formatted.

Once you see FAT32 by the SD card, it is ready to be placed in the Guardian.