Migrate Account to RFCx


If you are a current Arbimon II user and have never set up an RFCx account, please follow the steps shown below. If you are a new user who  does not have an Arbimon or an RFCx account please reference Creating a New User Account instead. You will not need to migrate anything after completing those steps as your account was setup with RFCx already. 

Get Started

Migrating your current Arbimon II account is simple! Just follow the following steps

1.  Login to Arbimon with your existing Arbimon II username and password.

2. After login, if your account is not yet migrated then you will see a reminder at the top of the screen. Click “Connect with RFCx”.

3. If you already have an RFCx account, click on Login with RFCx, then enter your RFCx username and password and click Sign In.

If you do not have an RFCx account then click “Create RFCx Account” and complete the registration form. Note: If you reuse your same Arbimon II email, your data will be migrated over to your RFCx account. If you create an account with a new email, a new account without data will be created. 

4. New RFCx users will need to check your email click on the link in the verification email. This is an important and necessary step in order to login!

5. You will need to authorize Arbimon to have access to your Rainforest Connection account. Click on Accept as shown in the screenshot below. Your migration is now complete! You should no longer see the migration reminder when you login moving forward.