How to use exe tool

What is this tool?

        This is an exe file for Windows to connect with Guardian for diagnosing, removing registration, updating software, uploading classifier and remove internal storage.

How to use this tool?

Before you use this tool, please make sure you have the Guardian nearby and download the guardian-tool.exe file.

Step1: Connect your PC or laptop to your Guardian

- Connect to rfcx-xxxx with password rfcxrfcx

Step2: Open guardian-tool.exe file. The functionalities window will be shown up.

Step3: Select functionalities to process your Guardian

1. Diagnotics

2. Remove Registration

3. Install Software

4. Install Classifier

5. Remove Internal Storage

What can these functionalities do ?

  1. Diagnostics
    This functionality will give you i2c values and Swarm values
    Press Start to get current values of both i2c and Swarm

  1. Remove registration * (Internal usage, contact dev before using this feature)
    This functionality will show you if the guardian has been registered or not and allow you to remove the guardian registration
    Press Remove button to remove registration

  1. Install Software
    This functionality will allow you to install/update/downgrade/remove guardian software
    Press install/downgrade on each roles to start a process

  1. Install Classifier
    This functionality will allow you to install/update/remove classifier
    Press install on each classifier to start a process
    Press Remove to remove all classifier

  1. Remove Internal Storage
    This functionality will show the current internal storage and allow you to remove unnecessary files
    - Press Remove to remove unnecessary files

What happens if there is no internet connection?

        Without internet connection, you will be able to process Diagnotics, Remove Registration and Remove Internal Storage but you will not be able to download software and classifier in Install Software, Install Classifier functionalities. In this case you can pre-download software or classifier beforehand.

Pre-download software or classifier steps

  1. Download software or classifier (please contact RFCx support for software and classifier file)
  2. Create folder and name it temp
  1. Put files you downloaded to this folder

  1. Go back to the guardian-tool. You can update software or upload classifier from the files you downloaded to the Guardian from the Install Classifier functionalities.