Visualize and Tag Recordings

How to Visualize and Tag Your Recordings

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Visualize and Tag Recordings

Steps of visualizing recordings

1. Click Visualizer to browse and select recordings by Sites. Select the date of the recordings you would like to access.

2. Here you can also specify if you would like to browse recordings by site, playlist, or show soundscapes. Simply hover your mouse over each of these 3 icons to see what each does. 

3. Click on the spectrogram thumbnail to open, view and listen to the selected recordings in the Visualizer; scroll down to see the next recordings. 

4. Click the Gain button to increase the recording’s gain. Learn more about Gain here.

5. Click the Filter audio frequency button to filter specific sound frequencies. Simply drag the two kHz buttons highlighted below up and down, and click on Apply Filter. To cancel the filter click on the X button.

Steps of Tagging recordings

1. Select a spectrogram and click on Recording Tags, select the area on the spectrogram you would like to highlight and type a tag name (e.g. species name, unknown sound, doubt, etc.) on the new box; then click Enter.

2. The tag will be saved for you to see under Recording Tags

To delete a tag, simply click on the x and it will be removed from the spectrogram. 

Note: You cannot use the same tag name on the same recording