Merge Playlists


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Merging Playlists

The Combine function allows you to combine playlists in various ways. 

  • Join playlists
  • Intersect playlists
  • Remove playlists


1. On the left menu of the Data tab, select Playlists. Use combine icon to merge playlists. 

2. Select Operation and choosing Join/Intersect/Remove Playlists


  • The Join Playlists option will only add the two playlists together, so if there is a recording that is in both of the playlists, it will appear twice in the joined playlist.
  • The Intersect option will take the two playlists selected and create a new playlist that contains only the recordings that are in both of the intersected playlists.
  • Removing Playlist 2 from one will create a new playlist that has only the unique recordings from Playlist 1.