View List of Training Sets

Tip: Random Forest Models run optimally on both Firefox and Chrome.

Steps of viewing training sets

1. Click on Training Sets to view the regions of interests (ROI) that were previously selected on the visualizer. If you're not sure how to select ROI's in the visualizer, please reference how to Visualize and Tag Recordings.

2. An ROI is the best example of your focal species call. The selected ROIs should have similar acoustic properties (e.g. shape, bandwidth, duration, maximum and minimum frequency). 

Tip: hover the mouse over the ROI thumbnails to see its information (e.g. duration, bandwidth, etc.).

3. Click the magnifying glass for a better examination of an individual ROI. 
To get back to gallery view, click on the grid view icon to the right of the magnifying glass. 

4. Click the  visualizer icon below to open the recording in the visualizer and play it. 

5. ROIs can be removed by clicking in the gray X icon shown below. 

6. Download ROI’s as an excel spreadsheet by clicking on the Download icon below. 

7. The training set name can be edited or deleted by clicking on the edit or delete icons here