Understanding the Guardian Dashboard


Guardian dashboard is where rangers and project managers can see incident details and reports that have been collected from Guardian devices and Guardian app. The data such as event history and report history will be saved on Guardian dashboard. 

Logging In

Open Guardian dashboard and select Sign In. User can log in with

  1. username and password
  2. Google account

Notes: User that has never been registered as an RFCx account will need to register RFCx account by selecting Create an RFCx account and has been invited to a project to see a project reports.

Forgot password

User can reset password by selecting "Reset password" from the log in page.

Selecting a project

User can view incidents from a selected project to see details and created reports from the Guardian app.

Searching for an incident

User can search for a site or an incident by entering keyword in "Filter by keyword". 

User can search for all incident and any incidents with Recent and Hot tags by selecting Status: Any, Recent, Hot.

User can include closed incidents to be shown on the page by selecting "Include closed incidents". If user does not want closed incidents to be shown, deselect "Include closed incidents".

User can see the different between open and closed incident by the tag. The closed incident has closed tag along with the incident number. The opened incident will show only incident number.

Checking incidents and responses

User can see incident details and created report on Guardian dashboard by selecting an incident from a site of project. If user wants to see all incident from a project, user can select a project from homepage. Then all incident will show up.

Checking all incidents from a project

Checking responses

User can check event details and responses from an incident. 

After user selected an incident, user can see event details and response (report from Guardian app).

If the incident has been checked and collected data, user can closed the incident by selecting "Mark as closed".

User can see when the incident has been closed from the incident detail page.